From the most recent MMF 2014 Meeting Notes: The Lutheran Church of Vietnam works to proclaim the Gospel of Grace through fellowship events (Mother’s Day and Moon Cake festival), support  in organizing memorial services after the death of  family members, training programs for leaders, equipping them in areas of Praise & worship, Church growth and mission. The LCV has an active children’s ministry, Sunday School, and   Saturday school which attracts Vietnamese children by providing Mandarin lessons. LCV also organizes a Senior Citizen’s Club. In the Christmas season, the Vietnamese local government and civic organizations come to present gifts to the church in recognition of the LCV willingness to serve and care for the needy and the poor of the community. The church is engaged in health care projects. Ten families receive regular assistance and care from the church. Volunteer workers (serving 2-3 months) would be most welcome.

In 2015 MMF plans to disburse up to $1000 to support a children's education project with and through the LCV, working in Ho Chi Min City.