MMF issues an annual publication with presentations from the annual MMF Joint Theological Consultation, usually held in Myanmar together with JRC/MIT (Judson Research Center of the Myanmar Institute of Theology) and the  Association of Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM). We make every attempt to have participants and contributors from all parts of the Mekong, along with regional experts from the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong and other MMF Mission Partners. 

PDF's of some of the publications are now available below. Please share freely and widely with proper attribution!

The current list of MMF Publications includes:

1. MMF Publication: Ethnicity, Religion and Theology (2007)
2. MMF Pubication: Mission and Dialog (2008)
3. MMF Publication: Mission and Identity (2009)
      (no publication in 2010)
4. MMF Publication: Mission and Development (2011)
5. MMF Publication: Theological Education (2012)
6. MMF Publication: Women in Ministry & Theological Education (2013)

       (in process:)

7. MMF Publication: Eyes to See and Ears to Hear: Suffering in the Mekong (2013-4)