LWM (Lutheran World Mission)  Lutheran World Mission (LWM) / Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC) 

NEW: 2015 Family Ministries in Cambodia. Read the latest September 2015 Family Ministry report here.

Spring 2014 -- Project SEED for ministries of the Lutheran Church in Cambodia -- plans for outreach through a Preschool, a Bible Institute,  Tuition & Training programs for language, music, computer, etc. Read more by downloading the latest LWM 2014 newsletter here. 

PREVIOUS  Annual Medical Mission – Nov 23 to 29, 2013

 We thank God for a fruitful medical mission (mobile medical, dental and eye clinics) read more by downloading the LWM 2013 Medical Mission report pdf file.

CEPA (Continuing Education Program for Alumni)

has changed its name! It is now

CPO (Continuous Learning Organization)

(Download CPO 2014 Annual  report here)


Vision Statement

Our vision is to see local churches in Cambodia being spiritually rich, organizationally healthy, and financially sustainable and actively involved in holistic transformation of Cambodia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop healthy, sustainable and transformational churches through networking, capacity building and resource mobilization of Bible school graduates in Cambodia.

Goals (2013-2015)

  1. Increased knowledge and practical understanding of income generation and stewardship

  2. Strengthened church management and leadership

  3. Increased knowledge of practical theology

  4. Strengthened organizational capacity of CPO

Core Values

Empowerment, Transparency and Sustainability


Lifelong learning – lifelong serving!